Where Do We Use CNC Milling?

By | 06/07/2017

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and when associated with milling, it simply refers to using computers to send actionable instructions to milling machines. CNC milling has helped shape the world into what it is today through its impact in the development and production of life changing innovations all over the world.


This article aims to briefly highlight some of the areas that CNC Milling has directly impacted for several decades especially areas that affect our everyday lives.

CNC Milling

Impact of CNC Milling on Everyday Life

The impact this technology has had on our daily lives can truly not be over emphasized as it has literally had a positive impact on nearly every technologically advanced product today. The following are highlights of the different areas and industries that have been massively improved or impacted by CNC Milling.

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Automobile Industry:

Year after year, we continue to see new innovations in the designing of new cars in the automobile industry. CNC milling is used in the creation of body parts and also internal papers such as brake pads. Without this technology, designing these parts or improving the looks and efficiency of cars would improve at a snail’s pace.


Mobile Phones:

In recent times, we have seen some of the best designed mobile phones the world has ever seen. Most of these mobile phones nowadays have metal casings and these casings have been cut and trimmed using CNC milling technology. It is this technology that enables manufacturers achieve the kind of sleek perfection we see in mobile phones nowadays.


TVs and Household Electronics:

CNC milling has greatly improved the speed at which internal parts of household electronics are made in recent times. Circuit boards of electronics such as TVs and DVD players are created using CNC milling technology. The casings of some of these appliances have also benefited from this technology.

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