Uses of Gas Powered RC Helicopters

By | 09/01/2016

Gas powered remote controlled helicopters have been in existence from time immemorial. These are small low flying helicopters that are remote controlled. They very much resemble a full sized helicopter.

Everybody, irrespective of where they are has seen aircrafts high up in the sky. Some have even been into these aircrafts. But have you ever asked yourself this question; how can they fly? It is not by a miracle that they fly, it is by human knowledge and intervention.

Learning how to fly these helicopters is just as simple as learning how to ride a bike, how to ski, or learning how to skate. It just involves balance, and playing with the controls. These are even great remote control helicopters for kids

As with most of equipment, skills are learned, so they are no doubt that anybody can confidently learn how to fly these helicopters. But in order to venture and learn more on how to fly them, you need to be mechanically minded and fully equipped to commence this journey.

Gas powered RC helicopters come with different designs that includes maneuverable and the more maneuverable designs. The latter are harder to fly and are more complicated. To fly these helicopters modelers say that you need special hand-eye co-ordination skills

Flying and co-ordination of these helicopters in air comes with understanding the controls. These include;

  • Flight controls- allow pilots to control the collective pitch control or the throttle on a fixed pitch helicopter
  • The cyclic control-this control allows the pilot to control the pitch and the roll.
  • The tail rotor control/yaw-this control enables the pilot to counter the wind and torque reaction induced tail movement.

Using these controls effectively, the remote controlled helicopters are able to perform equivalently as full sized helicopters such as hovering and backward flight. They can also be able to perform the inverted flight.

Gas powered remote controlled helicopters use either of two types of system for their working. These are:

  1. Mechanical mixing system-adapted in the early days
  2. Cyclic or the collective pitch mixing system- more used in the recent times.

Gas powered rc helicopters have been put in various uses. Companies have realized their importance and now they are taking them to their advantage. Below are some uses of these helicopters:

  • Low attitude aerial photography

Some companies make use of these helicopters to take pictures of the sites they are interested in. All they do is mounting a camera at strategic point that will facilitate easy capture of that particular site. This has made it so economical since the cost of taking the photographs is significantly reduced.

  • Filming industry

Film makers have widely accepted the use of these helicopters in filming. This is mostly used in the nature filming industry. Some parts are hardly accessible and these helicopters help a lot. This in turn reduce the risks involved in filming new and unexplored areas

  • Remote observation and inspection

These helicopters have been effectively used in inspection of remote areas such as war tone areas. People are able to familiarize with the situation as it is and therefore they are alert.

  • Crop spraying

Farmers have made use of these helicopters much to their advantage. They are using the helicopters to spray their crops. This way they are assured of maximum benefit since the fertilizer or the herbicide is not going to waste.

  • Gathering weather reading

With the advancement in technology, weather forecasting has been made possible by use of the helicopters which take the weather readings in the lower atmosphere. With the use of these helicopters, cloud seeding is made possible.

  • For military purposes

Modern remote controlled helicopters are made in such a way that there is minimal noise coming from them. In the military, they have been used primarily for intelligence gathering reconnaissance. Also they are used to train the gun crew.

Gas powered helicopters will always have their place in the history. Due to the rapid growth of technology, they have been seen as a dying breed of remote controlled helicopters but that’s not true. If we allow them to grow and revive then they will.


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