Teeth Whitening Trays

By | 17/09/2015

Teeth Whitening Trays—The Most Effective Whitening Solution There Is

Teeth whitening trays could be the most effective solutions for your discolored teeth.

teeth-whitening-traysIt’s highly common for a lot of dentists to prescribe the use of whitening trays to their patients more than any other teeth whitening procedure.

This may sound surprising for some since there have been a lot of alternatives to whitening teeth today. Since the emergence of laser treatments, people are more inclined to choose them because they offer quicker results.

But did you know you stand a better chance for success by using teeth whitening trays?

Whitening trays were the only at home teeth whitening used before

Whitening trays have been around since the early 1900s, and they are the only option for teeth whitening. During those times, LED-light activated whitening systems were just a far-fetched idea. People who want to lighten their teeth would use whitening trays.

These are basically malleable plastic molds that fit into the mouth. A whitening solution, peroxide, is placed on the tray before the patient wears it. The tray needs to be left on for several hours for a certain time frame. With continuous use, the teeth will gradually whiten.

However, with the discovery of laser treatments and other teeth whitening systems, whitening trays were soon put in the back burner.

Why people preferred other whitening treatments

People look for convenience. This is probably the reason why the use of teeth whitener trays dwindled over the years. Patients discovered that wearing whitening trays caused some issues:

They can become uncomfortable when worn for a long time already.

The results they bring aren’t as quick as those offered by light-activated procedures.

Teeth whitening trays still are the best and most effective way to lighten teeth

With all the attention on laser teeth whitening, whitening strips, toothpastes, etc., it’s important to note how these procedures really make your teeth white. Yes, they do lighten the teeth, but are they really cost-effective, safe, or convenient?

When you compare them to using whitening trays, you’ll realize that they’re not really better than the original whitening system.

Based on recent studies, using whitening trays can be the most effective approach to having a whiter smile. This is because they are less expensive than laser treatments and have lesser chances of side effects.

The way one uses whitening trays has a lot to do with this conclusion. Yes, these may not give you a brighter smile in a matter of days, but wouldn’t it be weird if you suddenly have really white teeth after a couple of days?

Your peers will definitely notice it. What most people want is to whiten teeth naturally, that way, people will take notice without being suspicious or even rude. Whitening trays will help gradually whiten your teeth.

Another good thing about this is you control how much peroxide is going to be used. If you have sensitive teeth, you can choose to utilize a small amount every time so you won’t have to experience detrimental after effects and still contribute in whitening your teeth. This even helps to remove white spots on your teeth. Click How to get rid of white spots on teeth and remove them with those simple steps.

The more control you have over the strength of the solution, the better results you can have.

There’s no question about it, teeth whitening trays allow you to get whiter teeth without going broke or getting ill. That being the case, won’t you want to try it out?

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