Garage Door Maintenance 101

By | 25/10/2014

Over the years, atter where your garage door is located-and that’s basic maintenance. But before you start tightening down bolts and checking tensioner pulleys, it’s important to know one thing-garage doors can be downright dangerous when they are improperly maintained.Garage Door

Look with your Eyes, Not your Hands

One of the most dangerous parts of a garage door is the tension spring for the balancing system. It’s located above most garage doors and can be easily seen-it’s a big spring under tension. Because the garage door is so heavy and awkward when it’s opened, it needs to be balanced with tension to help it easily open and close. Never attempt to adjust the balance without professional help as the tension could come loose and cause some serious injuries if you’re in the way. Take a look at all moving parts every two months or so. If anything looks out of place, call a professional garage door mechanic immediately.

Listen for Unwelcome Noises

A garage door is inherently noisy to begin with, but when squeaking, scratching, rubbing or grinding noises are evident, you might need to have your door serviced by a professional. In many cases, when weird noises are coming from your garage door, a simple alignment can help solve the problem.

DIY Garage Door Opener

If you have an electric door opener in action, it’s hard to tell if the door is misaligned or not. To test for misalignment, simply pull the emergency door release handle found on the garage door openers overhead track. Once the handle is released, the door can move freely without the need for the electric opener. Open and close the door by hand and check for any obstructions. If the door has trouble opening and closing, realignment of the door will more than likely solve the problem. Also check to be sure the door stays in place when the door is closed halfway. If the door falls, your counterbalance system may need an adjustment.


A garage door has lots of moving parts that need to be well lubricated to work at its best. Use a good liquid spray lubricant on all moving parts to help ensure the lifespan of your garage door is as long as possible. Be careful not to lubricate any electronic parts or you could end up doing more harm than good when maintaining your garage door.

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