Creative Ways to Decorate with Your Favorite Quotes

By | 18/10/2014

Quotations make a dramatic statement online, but they can make an even greater impact when used to decorate a bare wall or another location in a home. They do not have to be painstakingly painted on, at least not by hand. Do it the easy way using one or more of these creative ideas for using sayings, mottos and other text. Use your favorite quotes in your decorating scheme, and display them in unique and impressive new ways.

Create a Quote Wall

If you cannot settle on a favorite quote, decorate a bare wall with several sayings. Print and frame your favorites. Keep the display interesting by choosing frames of various sizes and designs, but coordinate the collection by painting them all the same color. Consider using cardboard mats as well. Picture borders look neat, and they add a decorative and colorful touch. Select a lighter shade that coordinates well with the frames. Mount the framed quotes about two inches apart, but do not arrange them in geometric patterns. Create a display that partially wraps around a doorway or a window. They will make a dramatic statement while adding color, personality and style.

Buy a Peel-and-Stick Quotation

Peel-and-stick wall decals come in all themes, sizes and styles, and some of the most impressive options include nothing more than a combination of well-chosen words. Shop online for your favorite quotes with peel-and-stick backings. Find one that you prefer, and apply it to a bare wall. Mark the wall with a chalk pencil and a level to achieve a neat and professional look. It will become the focal point of the space, especially if appropriate wall decor is placed around it. Depending upon the quote, letters could be dotted with glass or clay hearts. Paper or fabric butterflies could also be strategically placed around the quote. Come up with your own unique embellishments to add real personality to your favorite peel-and-stick wall quotes. They will be eye-catching, creative and unique.

Create a Staircase of Quotes

Do you have a wooden staircase that could use a major facelift? After priming and coating the risers and steps with paint that can withstand lots of foot traffic, apply favorite peel-and-stick quotes to the risers. If necessary, cut sections of words apart to make them fit. Trim them to accentuate specific parts of the phrases to create the greatest impact. Anyone standing back from the stairs or climbing them step by step will see your message. It is a fantastic method of self-expression that anyone with steps can accomplish.

Source: Professional Home Decorating and Advanced Crafting Experience

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