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Where Do We Use CNC Milling?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and when associated with milling, it simply refers to using computers to send actionable instructions to milling machines. CNC milling has helped shape the world into what it is today through its impact in the development and production of life changing innovations all over the world.   This article… Read More »

10 coolest things I learned this month

Trout are as clever as chimps Fish aren’t usually considered the brightest of animals but intelligent hunting behaviour, only witnessed before in humans and chimpanzees, has now been seen in coral trout and eels. The trout chases the prey into a narrow gap while the eel lies in wait. The trout benefits by feasting on… Read More »

What to do When Item Is Not Received on EBay

Buying on eBay can be risky. You spend time looking for a bargain, then setting up an account to buy, only to find out that your order hasn’t been fulfilled. Thankfully, eBay makes it really easy to handle these situations and allow you to continue to shop on the site with confidence. Here are a… Read More »